Classic or Wireless?

What is the difference between 'Classic' and 'Wireless'?

The Vitrum range of switches are available in two versions; 'Wireless' or 'Classic'. Quite simply:

The Vitrum Classic range are light switches that function like any other ordinary light switches. These are available as On/Off switches, Dimmer switches and Shutter switches only.

Vitrum Classic


The Vitrum Wireless switches on the other hand are (in addition to their ordinary on/off, dimmer functions) Z-Wave network devices. This means that Wireless switches can communicate to one another wirelessly for:

  • Mood / Scene lighting - from a single button press, instantly adjust multiple lights to preset levels e.g. 'Dining' scene
  • Remote Control - control any Vitrum Wireless switch with the Vitrum Remote Control Handset or iPad app (requires Home Master Router)
  • Control between switches - control a Vitrum Wireless switch from another Vitrum Wireless switch e.g. a Vitrum Wireless switch in the entrance hallway could activate all other Vitrum Wireless switches in the house to turn on as a 'Welcome Home' button

All Vitrum Switches are available as Wireless switches including: On/Off, Dimmer, Satellite, Shutter, Scene Control Panel, Master On/Off 

 Vitrum Wireless 

'Wireless' swiches need Vitrum Remote Control Handset for programming

In order to use Vitrum Wireless Switches it is necessary to have a Vitrum Remote Control Handset  to setup the system. The Vitrum Remote Control Handset is not necessary for the Classic range.

Using both 'Wireless' and 'Classic' in the same property

It is completely fine to have a mixture of both Vitrum Classic and Vitrum Wireless switches in a property. The Classic switches will operate as standalone switches and the Wireless switches will be able to communicate to one another for added functionality. Simply plan ahead what you want to do with that particular switch and choose the appropriate version.