Vitrum Features


Vitrum is a family of patented design products created to control every function in the home. Each product in the Vitrum range is sculpted in glass and light. It is the result of a revolutionary design concept that focuses on simplicity of use and attractive styling, one that offers complete freedom in terms of colour coordination, as well as the pure pleasure of touching a material as precious as glass.

With Vitrum - light switches, thermostats, curtain and blind controls - become eye-catching designer items which enhance the beauty of the homes they are featured in. Furthermore, they can be customised in an infinity of colours and textures to suit all interior design schemes. Vitrum is compatible with the existing cabling in a home, requires no special supplementary components or additional wiring, and can be installed by any qualified electrician.

Made in Italy, Vitrum represents a revolution in switch design, where simplicity of installation and use, together with complete respect for the environment, are at the heart of the entire concept. Vitrum heralds a new era in intelligent home automation systems.




The skilfully-crafted, sculpted detailing of the glass surface makes it easy to identify the active switch area – an ergonomically perfect design that makes the Vitrum Touch Control technology immensely intuitive and pleasing to use.





Each product in the Vitrum range creates an interaction of three different senses. The sculpted and contoured glass parts of the control section are easily navigated simply by touch. Multi-coloured backlighting makes Vitrum pleasing to the eye and makes it easy to locate in the dark. Vitrum even has a voice of its own: an acoustic response makes it even easier to use and configure. 



Environmentally Friendly:

The fruit of more than three years of research, Vitrum is a synthesis of modern technology and Italian design, with a focus on environmental sustainability. EcoVitrum is Think Simple’s solution to the problem of energy savings.

At the first fingertip touch, the light switches on at 65% power; only when a second touch is applied does the lighting power increase to 100% (Vitrum One Touch). In this way, the user can make a responsible decision in selecting the optimum lighting level. When the light is switched on in energy-saving mode, the switch lighting is green. In addition, the iPod®-like control function (Vitrum Dimming Touch) can be used to set the lighting level to suit the user’s personal preference.





Vitrum is more than merely an attractive and eye-catching lighting control system. It is also represents a great way of extending your interior design and style down to even the smallest details. The limited edition collections feature surfaces that are crafted with textures and patterns designed to give your home that added touch of personality and exclusivity. You can even have custom made silk-screen prints with your initials, corporate logo, or simply with decorative motifs designed to match your interior furnishing. For more on Vitrum Colours see here




Vitrum comprises of just two elements: a glass face plate and the electronic control unit below. For use with standard back boxes, the electronic control unit is secured to the back box with two screws, the glass face plate is snap-fitted onto the electronic control unit and that is it. The glass face plate also adapts to any unevenness of the wall without affecting the operation of the touch controls for even greater installation simplicity. Vitrum is a sophisticated system that is simple to install, programme and use.



Remote Control:

The various Vitrum devices communicate between themselves wirelessly, so there is no need for a hardwired ‘internal bus’ to link them. The Home Master remote handset performs two functions.


Once the Vitrum system is installed, in just a few seconds you can create all the lighting scenes by defining the number of lights to be controlled by each Vitrum switch. Unlike traditional systems not all Vitrum switches need to be directly connected to the mains wiring circuits to control them. Configuration of the system is so simple it does not require programming by a specialist.


When installation is complete, the remote handset can be used to select from up to four lighting scenes, switch any four lights on and off, dim the scenarios and lights, and even use the “master off” function to switch all the lights off.



Remote Access iPad control:

It has never been simpler to control your home automation system whilst away from home. By simply installing the Vitrum Home Master Router at home and then downloading the Vitrum iPhone® and iPad® app, you can monitor and adjust your system just as easily as if you were still inside the property. 


Less wiring:

Vitrum is not only great to look at and pleasing to the touch: when installed in houses during the construction phase, it also requires less wiring, resulting in considerable savings in copper and the time required for laying the cables.  



Plug & play direct replacement:

Thanks to its built-in pre-existing 503 or one gang British Standard back boxes, Vitrum can be installed and connected using pre-existing wiring without having to add a neutral wire (if this is not already present). In fact, Vitrum Wireless can function using the live wire only (with 40W or more). This means that old light switches can easily be replaced with switches or dimmers from the Vitrum range.