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  • Type: Service
  • Brand: Zwave-Home


Putting together a system for a few rooms, an entire home, or a whole block of flats? There is little more that we love here at Zwave Home than to help customers with a Vitrum Project. Whether if you are a DIY enthusiast, architect, designer, or property developer, let us help you create the best system for your project. 

As one of the first and most experienced Vitrum and intelligent lighting control specialists we can help you with design, installation, and programming your system. Working with Zwave-Home on your Vitrum project not only means working with the leading Vitrum specialist, it also means Preferential Project Pricing as well as:

-Free system design

-Free demo units

-Free site survey

-Free delivery

Contact us today at hello@zwave-home.com to start putting together your perfect Vitrum system.