Vitrum EU Master On/Off


  • Type: European Standard / Master On/Off / 1 Button
  • Brand: Vitrum

Available Options:


The Vitrum Master ON/OFF is designed for installation near the front door, and with a single button press can be used to switch off all the lights and close the roll-down shutters when leaving a room, and switch them all on again when returning. This switch requires two 



  • Accessory switch providing control of other Vitrum Switches (contains no actuators of its own)
  • Z-Wave network device. Enables wireless communication between switches for:
    • Mood / Scene lighting - from a single button press, adjust multiple lights to preset levels e.g. 'Dining' scene
    • Remote Control - control any Vitrum Wireless switch with the Vitrum Remote Control Handset or iPad app (requires Home Master Router)
    • Control between switches - control a Vitrum Wireless switch from another Vitrum Wireless switch e.g. a Vitrum Wireless switch in the entrance hallway could activate all other Vitrum Wireless switches in the house to turn on as a 'Welcome Home' button)


  • Single-button light switch
  • Touch control with capacitive technology 
  • Concave buttons for tactile navigation
  • Acoustic feedback signal
  • Crown backlit by low-consumption LEDs
  • Glass fronts available in standard colours: black, white, silver or Vitrum colours


    • “503” wall-mounting box
    • Dimensions: 125x95mm
    • Depth (visible section): 8 mm
    • Working temperature: 0-40°C
    • Diameter of pushbutton: 38 mm
    • Diameter of illuminated crown: 42 m