Z-Wave To Demo Home Control From Top Of Mountain

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Amateur mountain climber Mariusz Malkowski will demonstrate the home automation capabilities of Z-Wave wireless technology by controlling a raft of devices at this month's CEDIA Expo from the top of mount Cho Oyu, the sixth tallest mountain in the world.

Z-Wave's wireless technology is at the heart of all Vitrum products. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets, designed specifically for remote control applications.

Using only his smartphone, Malkowski will attempt to control a variety of home automation scenes that are based at the Z-Wave booth at this month's CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado, from the top of mount Cho Oyo, in Tibet.

Due to the remote location of Cho Oyu - and its rugged environment - the challenge is being dubbed the "most remote home automation demonstration ever recorded."

Scenes will include locking and unlocking a Kwikset SmartCode, Deadbolt Lock, with Home Connect Technology, and adjusting temperature on his Remotec Thermostat, as well as controlling other Z-Wave Devices. 

The whole purpose of the challenge is to showcase the dependability of Z-wave's wireless technology to homeowners, as well as highlighting the overall benefits of home automation.

Due the mountain's unpredictable weather, the time of the demonstration was yet to be determined and is dependent on the pace of of Malkowski's ascent. but Malkowski plans to broadcast a live video from the mountain's summit so that Expo attendees can watch the demonstration.     

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