Mr Rato / Vitrum Project / Customer Testimonial

By Wendy Chan on August 21, 2013

This interview is reproduced Verbatim with no omissions:

Zwave-Home: Please describe your project and what Vitrum was used for
Mr Rato:Vitrum was used for a complete home implementation and also for a recreational area with a total of more than 140 switches.

Zwave-Home: What do you think of the Vitrum system e.g. build quality, design, functionality?
Mr Rato: Absolutely wonderful. Not only it looks great but it also added so many functionalities that would otherwise be inexistent or would require a mesh or wiring to accomplish.

Zwave-Home: How easy was Vitrum to install and programme?
Mr Rato: Very easy to install and the configuration process was completely straightforward.

Zwave-Home: How well and straight forward does Vitrum integrate with other systems?
Mr Rato: We tried several other Z-Wave devices but we only had luck with a relay device from Fibaro. All others seem to have failed one way or the other.

Zwave-Home: Are there any features you wish the Vitrum system had? How could it be improved?
Mr Rato: -Firmware updates on the devices: Certainly keeping devices up-to-date with new features/fixes is a must.
-5 and 6 button switches: We did have certain locations where we had to use 2 switches when it could be done with just one if that number of buttons was available.
-Auto repair functionality: Sometimes a device needs to be repaired and although it's easy to go to the application and get it repaired it's certainly a hassle.
-More compatibility with other Z-Wave products: HMR fails to detect most of the non-Vitrum Z-Wave devices thus not allowing too much expansion.
-Application updates: Not a feature but certainly a necessity. The iPhone application needs an urgent update… still doesn't use "retina" graphics nor the full height resolution of iPhone 5. That's at least 2 years of new implementations missing.

Zwave-Home: How happy are you with the system overall?
Mr Rato: Overall it's great. It does what it was meant to do and it's really so practical that makes life easier.

Zwave-Home: What was Zwave Home's involvement in your project?
Mr Rato: The sale and recommendation of the Vitrum devices.

Zwave-Home: How was the customer service you received from Zwave Home?
Mr Rato: Absolutely perfect. Professional, timely, and very polite.

Zwave-Home: Please describe any specific instances, if any, where you were happy or unhappy about our service in particular
Mr Rato: Never been unhappy. All the issues that we had in terms of configuration and/or wrong devices were always handled professionally so I was happy all the time, really.

Zwave-Home: Would you recommend Vitrum? Would you recommend Zwave Home?
Mr Rato: Absolutely recommend both. The only problem is that due to the product's pricing it won't be a recommendation to everyone. Not saying that the products aren't worth it (they are) just saying that it's still not a mainstream price.

Zwave-Home: Any further comments?
Mr Rato: Keep up the good work!

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